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ADA's project Lancair Legacy began thanks to Dmitry Fayner who by now is the first and the only within former Soviet Union countries owner and pilot of an aircraft of this type.

The project implied to complete the following tasks:

  • definition of aircraft configuration in cooperation with the customer and manufacturer (Lancair company);
  • assisting to the customer at the manufacturer's site to complete compulsory tasks on building the airplane and flight training;
  • tracking of shipping the aircraft kit from the US to Ukraine;
  • organization of assistance to the customer on actual building the airplane;
  • translation and editing of the technical documentation;

  • strength verification of the newly designed steel semi-fork of the main gear.


There have been made several changes to the standard aircraft configuration:

  • bigger nose wheel to improve performance on grass runway;
  • a door to the baggage compartment.


The first Ukranian Legacy made its maiden flight in October 2009.


 An article (in Russian only) about the first Ukrainian Legacy has been published in June 2010 issue of "General Aviation" journal.