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NLF(1)-215M is a modification of a well-known airfoil NLF(1)-215F designed for general aviation aircraft.
XFOIL 6.96 code has been utilized for the modification with a goal to move the laminar bucket to lower Cl operational range, reduce minimum Cd and negative Cm to prevent excessive aircraft trim drag, while keeping Clmax at least the same.
For Re=9e6, the negative Cm0 has been reduced from -0.143 to -0.030. The laminar bucket extends from Cl=-0.1 to CL=0.6. Cdmin=0.0038.
Rough LE has been simulated by locating the transition from 0.05c at the top surface and 0.05c at the bottom surface. The Clmax shows no significant change due rough leading edge.

A detailed report NC00.00.00.003 on NLF(1)-215M airfoil is available here for familiarization purpose only.