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Advanced Composite 5-Seat Airplane

Advanced Composite 5-Seat Airplane is a concept aiming to deliver car-like comfort to its passengers while keeping cruise speed and range at least as close as possible to those of contemporary 4-seaters. Some publicly known data of the Cessna NGP design have been taken into consideration.

The structure is of high performance carbon fiber composite. Airplane configurations with Continental IO-550N, Continental TSIOF-550J, GE M601 and GE H80 engines have been considered.

The preliminary specifications are shown for normally aspirated Continental IO-550N.



Certified ceiling m 5500
Vc km/h 350
Vs0 km/h 111
Range full fuel km 3000
Take-off distance over 50' m 650
Landing distance over 50' m 550
Max useful load kg 838
Max Payload kg 550
Full-Fuel Payload kg 550
MTOW kg 1757
Standard empty weight kg 920
Fuel capacity l 400
Fuel Weight kg 288
Max Baggage kg 100