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Light Aircraft Design & Engineering Service from Advanced Design Alliance

Advanced Design Alliance (ADA) engineering service has been founded to satisfy various customers' needs in affordable light and experimental aircraft design and development based on contemporary state-of-the-art technologies and complying with aviation regulations, as appropriate.

Our customers are those companies and individuals who have decided to go for outsourcing their engineering activities. Being a Ukrainian engineering service provider located nearby Kyiv makes us easily accessible from all over the world, while keeping our service affordable.

Our experience has been obtained over long years of practical work with various customers in the general aviation industry. Today our capabilities include, but are not limited to, aircraft conceptual, preliminary and detail design. The area of our expertise also covers, for instance, such specific areas as structural design and analysis, ground tests and test reports, as well as development of compliance documentation for certification.

Having long years of experience in composite manufacturing, we can offer, in partnership with our suppliers, prototyping of your design and consequent manufacturing.

Being devoted to a structured project development approach, we consider experience of our clients, their objectives and constraints, and try to scale our service to the needs of each customer, keeping an eye on major key points like design specifications, budget and time frame.

So, we will turn your dream into an aircraft!


Antonov An-2 Floatplane CFD Analysis

Three-Seat Trainer Airplane

Two-Seat Tandem Training Airplane

Composite Amphibious Floats for Antonov An-2

Switchblade - Samson Sky Flying Sports Car

Light Canard Airplane

Heavy Twin-Engine Aerial Surveillance UAV

Rud Aero RA-3