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Three-Seat Trainer Airplane

This concept has been designed as a technical proposal for flight schools and academies with ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) / MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot Licence) students in mind.

The cabin accommodates the student pilot and the instructor in the front seats and the observer in the folding rear jumpseat. Statistically, 90% of training sorties in four-seat aircraft have been flown with two persons (a student and an instructor) on board, and the other 10% of training flights with a third person - either a student-observer or an examiner - on board.

The installed GARMIN G3X TouchTM FMS system allows to wireless stream information to backseat observer's iPad for better learning experience and situation awareness.

The airline style overhead switch panel gives a modern airliner appearance and trains better motoring skills to future airline pilots.

Two main doors and an aft auxiliary door, all of a gull-wing type, provide generous access inside the cabin and a convenient ventilation solution (during ground taxiing), especially for countries with hot climate.

The airplanes features, for instance, an integral carbon fiber roll cage, a T-tail for smooth spin recovery, reliable fixed tricycle landing gear of trailing-link type, specially designed for hard training environment, with a steerable nose wheel, slotted flaps, a parachute recovery system.

Modern Rotax 915 iS engine with Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Single Lever Power Control (SLPC) provide simple operations to a pilot. Extended engine TBO (2000 hr) and low fuel consumption (average 15 l/hr) of unleaded fuel make operations very economical and attractive to flight training providers. Six hours plus fuel endurance allows one refuelling per day during a busy training schedule and long-distance cross-country flights without out-base refuelling.


Three-seat cabin (two pilots and an observer)
Structures all composite
MTOW ~1080 kg
Empty Weight ~710 kg
Max Useful Load ~370 kg
Max Fuel Capacity ~145 l
Engine Rotax 915 iS, 141 HP
Endurance ~6 hours (with 45-minute reserves)
Stalling Speed Vso 51 knots
Cruise Speed 120 knots
Max Cruise Speed Vmax 140 knots
Wing Span 10.7 m
Recovery System Galaxy GRS 6 990-1190 SDS Speedy FF
Limit Load Factor 3.8/-1.52


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