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Two-Seat Tandem Training Airplane

This project is a proposal developed based on a request from Rob Miller of Speed Aircraft Corporation ( for a design of a light airplane suitable for business and pleasure flights, as well as capable of doing some aerobatics. With two occupants onboard, routine operations also implied carrying a set of golf clubs and two standard suitcases.


Two-seat tandem cabin, all composite
MTOW ~2600 lbs
Empty weight ~1600 lbs
Baggage capacity 120 lbs, for two carry ons and a set of golf clubs:
    -  a golf bag and clubs - 50lb
    - carry-on bags - 2x35lb
Endurance ~4 hours with 45 minute reserves, fuel capacity ~75 gallons
Vso 55 knots
Cruise speed at 75% power 225 knots
Vmax 240 knots
+6/-4 G
Lycoming IO-540-K - 300 HP engine



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