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Structural Analysis

Aircraft design is an iterative process, involving analysis of the concept at each new step of the process. For structural analysis, ADA Engineering offers powerful finite element analysis (FEA), as well as “manual calculation” methods, whenever needed. Such analysis can be run for primary and secondary structures, be they metal or composite, an individual part or a structural assembly.

Typical output of structural analysis comprises –

• stress or, for composites, failure indices (FI) distribution over the structure;

• structures deformations under the loads;

• natural frequencies & normal modes;
• frequency response;
• buckling shapes & eigenvalues (EV);
• composite structure layup schedule;
• structural optimization;
• stress report generation and substantiation.

Results of the stress analysis are iteratively compared against certain criteria, e.g.  stress/strain limits, max FI, min EV, and, upon completion, are used to generate CAD models of actual thicknesses along with manufacturing drawings.